At the beginning of January, the Frisco City Council approved unanimously approved a rezoning for 57.4 acres east of Independence Parkway and north of Rolater Road, the Frisco Enterprise reported.

“That will bring in a duplex-style subdivision with homes that feature roofs topped with plants and native grass and vines on the sides of homes,” the news outlet reported. “The idea is to blend the neighborhood with the existing natural features of the area.”

Tommy Mann, a representative of Total Environment said this will be the company’s first project in the United States, and it will be monitored closely. “So, they’re going to have an even more vested interest in the success of this project,” Mann said, “and they’re going to stay with it for more years than a developer typically does after construction to ensure the roofs are being maintained and the general community is being maintained correctly.”

Part of the maintenance for the roofs will include plants that can withstand drought conditions, and crews to check the roofs at least four times a year.

The neighborhood will offer many amenities. There will be a vehicle bridge over a creek, a hiking and biking trail, a connection to Taychas Trail, twenty acres of green space and a gazebo. There will also be an amenity center and community areas.

Prosper Mayor Ray Smith said this might be a trend that can spill over into surrounding communities. “I think the Frisco zoning change will determine if there is a market for this type of home,” Smith said. “The green house might be in Prosper’s future if it is successful in Frisco.”

Smith said he does not believe the innovative houses will change anything. “I don’t feel it will change the scope of the city,” Smith said, “because the sales price of the home limits the number of qualified buyers.”

Anna Mayor Nate Pike said he thinks the idea is remarkable. “Frisco continues to grow and attract new projects,” Pike said. “It is a very interesting and unique concept.”

Anna city council member Lee Miller said he thinks it is a great idea, with very little drawbacks. “I think that it’s a great idea,” Miller said. “Frisco thought a little outside of the box approving it. The design seems incredible! I worry a little about things like the drainage and upkeep.”

“Mowing might be a bit painful,” Miller added. “HOA [Homeowners Association] issues as well, if someone doesn’t keep up their maintenance.”

Despite potential drawbacks, it’s easy to consider that the future might be going green.