It is hard getting high schoolers to read, especially the same book all at once. This was not the case at Anna High School, as they held the “One Book, One Day” event.

On Friday, Jan. 12, the whole student body spent their half day reading the book “Ugly” By Robert Hoge.

“The purpose was to get everyone to read one book together in one day,” said AHS Librarian Emily Burk. “This event sparks discussion about books, reading, literacy, and whatever message the book content conveys”.

Burk organized the event, inviting community members, Anna ISD administration and students to volunteer to read. AHS D.E.N. staff, students, teachers and administration all worked together to make it happen.

“The book ‘Ugly’ was a memoir about a person that was born with a deformity who endured many surgeries and difficult experiences but overcame them,” said Burk. “Through his story, we learn that there can be beauty found in ugliness”.

This was the second year that AHS has held this event, which was also held at the Anna Middle School on Dec. 18 for the first time ever.

“It was a success! After the event, I had students and staff members stop by the D.E.N. to discuss the book more,” said Emily Burk. “One of the student readers said that when she started reading, she was a bit nervous, but that once she got into the story, she relaxed and even had many compliments about the way she read aloud”.

The event will continue for years to come, as it has brought a lot of positive feedback to the D.E.N. and the high school.

“I think there is an art to being able to read a story aloud with inflection and by doing this event, it gives the students the experience of being able to listen to good storytelling!” said Burk.