Pete Cain has stepped down as a member of the Anna ISD Board of Trustees. Cain has lived in the Anna and Westminster are for approximately 18 years.

Even though Cain served six years on the Anna School Board, he had to step down due to relocating.

“I resigned because I moved out of the district,” he said. “You can’t serve on the board if you do not live in the district. I bought a piece of land that could house and help me expand my small business, Straight Shooters.”

Cain said his day job is information technology and security for U-Haul locations all over North Texas. He also has a small business called Straight Shooters, which offers firearm classes to beginners (Handgun 101) all the way users who are more comfortable with their firearms (Practical Tactical). They also offer women’s self-protection classes.

Cain said he wanted to assist people in feeling safer.

“I started Straight Shooters to try and give everyone an opportunity to make themselves, and those they care about safer,” he said.

The women’s self-protection teaches women how to be aware of their surroundings, and how to be safer without weapons.

Although Cain had to step down as a member of the school board, he is still serving the community.

“I currently serve as the president of my church’s board of directors and vice president of the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce Board.”

Cain resigned in September, and made that month his last meeting. He said he learned quite a bit while serving on the board.

“Unfortunately, I do not have any plans on running for the school board in the future,” Cain said. “I loved my time on the board. I was fortunate enough to serve with some exceptional people. I learned a lot in that time and feel I left a better person for serving.”

Cain said the district is first and foremost the reason for the school board’s decisions.

“The school board is a group of trustees,” he said. “This is not the same things as a city councilperson. Your first loyalty is to the district, and all your decisions should have the district’s best interest at heart.”

The president of the school board, Shelli Conway, said she is sad to see Cain go.

“Mr. Cain served on the AISD Board of Trustees for right at six years,” Conway said. “During that time we saw so many changes and so much growth. Pete was always there, ready to serve, with an open mind, knowledge and, most importantly, a heart for the students of our district. Pete’s main focus was our children’s, and our district’s, safety.”

Conway said Cain had a huge role in starting a crucial program for the district.

“He was instrumental in forming and implementing our Defender Program. Pete not only helped create the program and training, but, once implemented, he helped present that program and its specifics to other districts, as well as at the Texas Association of School Board Leadership Conventions. Other districts saw the amazing program, and the good it could do, and wanted to follow our lead. Pete was there to help them, just as he had helped our own district. Business and family opportunities took Pete away from our district. Due to a move, he resigned his position in August. While we certainly understand, he will be greatly missed! He will always be a part of our AISD family!”