On Thursday, Nov. 16, the Anna Police Department received a donation of life saving equipment from Adopt-A-Cop. The founder of the organization, Brandi Leber, originates from Sulphur Springs, Texas. Leber, who has an online marketing business and owns a wedding venue, said that considering all the violence against police, she had to do something to help.

“After the Dallas and Baton Rouge shooting, I decided to raise money for Hopkins County Officers to receive active shooter vest and several other counties joined in,” she said. “Any county that was interested reached out to me and I provided them with the information to get started.”

Leber said a couple from the community reached out to her for Collin County. “Brandon and Robin Bryce reached out to me to sponsor Collin County,” she said.

Robin Bryce, co-founder of Collin County Adopt-A-Cop said her and her husband, Brandon, started the Collin County Adopt-A-Cop in August 2016.

“My husband and I are huge law enforcement supporters,” Robin Bryce said. “We heard about the Adopt-A-Cop organizations starting in other counties.”

Robin Bryce said she reached out to Leber, and with the assistance of Brandon, made sure everything needed was done correctly.

Anna Police Chief Kenneth Jenks said the Anna PD signed up to participate in the Collin County Adopt-A-Cop program a few months ago. “Once all officers were ‘adopted’ by members of the public, the equipment was purchased,” he said.

To obtain the donations for police departments in need, businesses and citizens adopt officers and donate money, Leber said. Then, the money is used to buy vests, and other life-saving equipment.

Once the equipment was purchased, CC Adopt-a-cop hosted a small reception to present the equipment to the Anna PD. Robin Bryce presented active shooter vests to the Anna Police Department. With the assistance the community and donations, almost $6,000 was raised. This afforded the police department to receive 16 vests with plates.

Robin said that currently, over $24,000 has been raised in Collin County, purchasing approximately 45 vests.

Leber said the Adopt-A-Cop program has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. “The organization has assisted over 700 officers in 16 counties receive vests and other equipment,” he said.

Chief Jenks said he, and the rest of the Anna PD, is grateful for the donations and support.

“What a great program!” Chief Jenks said. “We are thrilled that members of our community care enough to adopt our officers and provide donations to purchase these life-saving items. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all who make this worthy cause possible!”