The section of Highway 75, between Melissa and Anna has been the home of many accidents in the recent months. It is partly due to the construction of 75 that has been forcing the lanes to become more narrow as traffic gets more congested. Also, the reason is due to the inattention of the drivers.

On Monday, Nov. 6, the construction caused more havoc to motorists trying to get home. There was a massive pile-up in the Highway 75 corridor and Foster Creek that caused a portion of the highway to be closed for two and a half hours hours.

TxDPS Public Information Officer Lieutenant Lonny Haschel said even though it seemed like one massive wreck, in fact, it was multiple accidents. “If you look at the definition of a wreck, the continual motion of the vehicles, then this was multiple,” he said.

The chain reaction started when a driver in a Jeep stopped in the right-hand lane due to a mechanical issue. The driver exited his vehicle and began trying to flag somebody down. A Chevy Suburban that was traveling in the left-hand lane saw the distressed driver and slowed down.

The slowing Suburban was then hit by a white pickup, at which point a black Dually hit the white pickup. “That was pretty much crash number one,” Haschel said.

Upon approaching the wreck, a white Toyota Tundra proceeded to slow down and was hit by a white van. Then, a semi hit the white van. The forward motion of the semi impacted the white Tundra. Then, the Tundra impacted with the black Dually from the original accident, making that crash number two.

During all this commotion, a second semi slowed down and a third semi proceeded to move into the right lane, followed by a truck pulling a trailer, to avoid the accident in the left lane. A passenger car hits the trailer that was attached to the truck. The forward impact from that collision sent the trailer into the truck and the truck into the semi in front of it.

Haschel said five people were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and TxDPS is still working the accident. “This is just a preliminary report, and the officers are still trying to piece together what happened,” he said.

“The officers are still needing to speak with some of the people involved,” Haschel said. He also said the officers went to the hospital to speak with the ones involved. However, when they arrived, the victims had been treated and released.