By the time the deadline for entering a bid to run for Mayor ended, two Anna residents had announced an interest in filling the vacancy. Stan Carver, a software developer manager, proclaimed his intent to grab the brass ring.

Carver, who served as a youth pastor in Anna, has been a resident for over five years. He decided to run for Mayor due to his love of the community. “We have so much potential to be a thriving city. My goal as mayor is to engage our citizens with the issues facing our city government and to promote a fiscally and socially healthy city that will attract quality businesses.”

He said he originally planned to run in May, but the resignation of Mike Crist moved his timeline up. Carver has been on the Anna Parks and Advisory Board for three years, stepping in as chairman in the past month. Carver said he has years of experience that would be helpful in a mayoral position. He has held many chief executive officer and chief technology officer positions in his career, affording him an extensive background in leadership.

Carver said the $17-million-dollar city hall proposal needs to include amenities for citizens. “If the plans for the new building include a public recreation center, then I am interested, otherwise, no deal. I am aware that our city staff are in close quarters, especially our fire department. All are working exceptionally long hours to make up for our space limitation restricting us from to hiring more personnel to service Anna’s needs. We have affordable, temporary alternatives while we consider a building that represents the legacy of Anna for generations to come.”

Carver said Eminent Domain is a tool the government should only use when absolutely necessary. “Eminent domain is part of the same Bill of Rights that grants us our freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Our forefathers saw the need to include this amendment to ensure the government could provide for the common defense and the general welfare. I believe the use of eminent domain should be exercised rarely and solely for welfare and benefit of the general population Anna. Amicable and reasonable solutions should be exhausted and the need to be deemed duly necessary before imposing eminent domain.”

Carver said with the new Senate Bill 6 on annexation comes new responsibilities, and as Mayor, he wouls be ready to face those head on. “The State of Texas no longer allows involuntary annexation. Now, it is required that most of the citizens within an ETJ will need to file a petition to join a city. The city will then vote. I see the mayor’s responsibilities increasing with this new legislation, because he will have to be more engaged with the petitioners, balanced with the will of the citizens and its impact on the city.”

With his experience with branding campaigns, Carver said Anna needs to figure out their identity first. “Regarding the $85,000 spent on our branding effort, I have a saying, ‘Don’t stick with a bad decision just because it took a long time to make it.’ The proposed brand denotes Anna as being ‘boxed-in’ and ‘torn down the middle.’ Having conducted several successful branding campaigns, I recognize that the current company has reached an impasse and are only tweaking a failed design. It is normal to engage another branding agency to get a fresh perspective. For Anna, our biggest challenge to any branding company is determining who we are and who we want to be as a city. In other words, what does ‘I am Anna’ really mean? Until we determine the answer to that question, it will be nearly impossible for any branding company to represent Anna in a marketing campaign. Our brand reflects our vision of ourselves, our neighbors, and our community. This reflection when done correctly is attractive to businesses and potential homeowners.”

Carver said putting all the issues aside, the main purpose for running is unity. “I really want to win this election. Bringing this community together is paramount.”