From March 13 – April 10 the North Texas Municipal Water District is scheduled to do chlorine maintenance.

“During this period, customers who are sensitive to taste or odor changes in drinking water might notice a change during this period,” a press release by the NTMWD said. “This odor and palatability change does not alter the quality of the drinking water provided to consumers.”

Residents in Melissa receive water from the NTMWD, and residents in Anna receive integrated water from the NTMWD and from well water.

Chlorine maintenance is performed annually prior to the warm months. The district said it will utilize chloramines, which are a combination of chlorine and ammonia, to disinfect residual in the transmission and distribution systems.

“NTMWD continuously monitors water quality to ensure it meets or exceeds state and federal standards,” the NTMWD said in a press release. “If water tests indicate the disinfectant concentration has dissipated to levels that would affect water quality, water suppliers will flush the water within the pipes so that water with a higher level of disinfectant is present. Water providers must maintain water quality that is safe for human consumption and use.”