The Anna City Council is currently seeking to appoint 10 eligible citizens willing to volunteer to serve on the charter review commission in order to review the current charter and make revisions.

As a requirement under section 11.07 of the city charter, it is stated that a Charter Review Commission must form at least every six years. The last committee was appointed in 2011.

The charter is the founding document for the city government. It lays out the roles and responsibilities of electorate and elected officials and describes the matter in which the council considers regulations, laws and budgetary decisions.

“It is the framework that the council and the city government operates within,” City Manager, Philip Sanders said.

The job of the Charter Review Commission is to formally review the city’s charter and then make a written report to the council about their findings. The committee is responsible for making inquiries into the operation of the city government under the Charter and determining whether any changes should be made. This may include public hearings in which attendance of any officer or employee of the city can be requested, as well as require submission of any city records.

Additionally, they must propose any recommendations it deems desirable to insure compliance with the charter of the city government, and report its findings and recommendations to the city council.

The city council must consider any recommendations made, and may order any amendments suggested to be submitted to the voters of the city.

Those who are appointed will hold the position for no more than six months.

“Those serving on the commission are helping the city meet a requirement that the charter be reviewed regularly,” Sanders said. “Their insight is uniquely valuable in helping the council determine if any changes are necessary to how the local government is organized and operates. Any resident of the city who is qualified to vote in elections is eligible to apply.”

Although applications are open to everyone, the city highly encourages those with previous experience serving on a board or commission and/or having some other knowledge related to the city and its operations are encouraged to apply. Those seeking to apply must be a qualified voter, at least 18 years of age and reside within the city of Anna. Additionally, it is required that applicants be willing to attend regularly scheduled meetings. The day and times of meetings have not been set yet.

Those wishing to apply should complete an official board and commission candidate application form. The completed application as well as a current resume should be sent to the office of the city secretary by March 31, 2017. The charter committee will be reviewed and appointed in April 2017.