The Anna City Council appointed two new members to the the Economic Development Board of Directors. The city council had six applicants vying for the open seats. After the four candidates who attended the meeting introduced themselves and had spoken for a few minutes about why they were running, the council members asked each applicant specific questions pertaining to the position. Once the council members were satisfied that all possible information was gathered, they decided on the two candidates that would be appointed.

Anthony Richardson was awarded Place No. 1, and James Gurski was named for Place No. 3.

Richardson has a bachelor’s degree in applied arts and sciences, and a master’s degree in public administration. After doing research and reading some studies, he said he wanted to put his hat in for the position.

“I have found there is a direct correlation between civic activities and the citizens,” Richardson said. “I want to be part of the growth of Anna, and help make it a metropolis.”

Richardson said he is excited about being part of the bright future that lies ahead of the city of Anna.

“I always use the hashtag ‘keep moving forward’ on my Twitter,” Richardson said. “That’s exactly what I’m seeing for the future of Anna — it’ll keep moving forward, but also maintaining the culture and character of the city.”