For residents in the area of FM 455 and Highway 75, it is common knowledge there has been some construction that has been happening for quite some time. The project to expand the two-lane road to a four-lane with 3 new bridges at Slayter Creek and one new bridge at Throckmorton Creek started in August of 2015.

Brenan Honey of the the Texas Department of Transportation said due to an Atmos gas line, a city water line and AT&T lines, there were issues installing the piers – supports need for the structure. TxDOT is currently working with Atmos to find alternatives for the sound wall, and ways to avoid the line.

Honey said the project will be substantially completed in late April with the completion of the eastbound Slayter Creek bridge. TxDOT is aiming to have both westbound lanes open for use and also the inside eastbound lane.

Honey said even though there have been obstacles, the project will be completed safely.

“This has been a challenging project due to space constraints and a large number of franchise utilities in the right of way,” Honey said. “However, through great cooperation and perseverance between TxDOT, the City of Anna and the residents and businesses along FM 455, a safe quality roadway has been constructed.”