Several children in Anna have accused a man of trying to lure them into a vehicle with the promise of money.

The incident happened on Sunday around 2:30 p.m. outside a house just south of Highway 5 and FM 455 in Anna.

Four siblings were playing in their fenced backyard, when 7-year-old Abigail Freeman, of Anna, said a man driving a dark-colored car drove up and stopped by the road near the fence.

“He pulled up,” she said. “He pulled his car next to the gate of our backyard, and he asked us if we would like a ride and some money, and me and my sister said no.”

The man wasn’t done yet.

“He asked us again,” she said, “because he didn’t hear us, and I said no and then he just drove away.”

Freeman said she went back to jumping on her trampoline and it wasn’t until a few minutes later that she decided to go inside and tell her mother what had happened.

“I’m like should I tell mamma. Or should I not?” she said.

Mother, Samantha Freeman, said she remembers her oldest daughter, a 9-year-old, coming inside and mentioning a man who had stopped, but she brushed it off because that daughter is known to embellish the truth. It wasn’t until younger daughter, Abigail, came inside and told the same story that she called the police.

Anna Police Lt. Jeff Caponera said it was that time delay that made it hard for officers to locate the suspect. By the time officers got on scene the person was gone.

Caponera said parents should talk with their children not only about stranger danger but also about the importance of remembering license plate numbers.

Samantha Freeman said the incident terrified her but she is proud of her children for how they handled it.

Right after Abigail came inside the house to tell her mom about the incident, Samantha said her daughter thanked her.

Looking at her daughter, who was sitting in her lap, Samantha recalled what she said.

“You said ‘Thank you for teaching us that, otherwise I might have thought, I like money maybe I should go.’ That’s what she told me,” Samantha said.

Abigail said the man was driving a dark green 4-door sedan that was low to the ground. He had grayish, white hair that was thinning on top.

“He had a little bit of facial hair right here,” she said grabbing her chin. “And he had a little bit of hair right here,” she said motioned to the side of her head.

In May of 2014, a similar incident happened in Anna. Two 11-year-old girls accused a man of trying to lure them into a vehicle but when they didn’t get in the man took photographs of the girls and drove away.

More recently in the spring of last year, similar incidents were reported about a man trying to lure children into his vehicle in the Anna, Van Alstyne, Tom Bean, and Princeton areas.

Caponera said it’s unlikely this is the same person.

Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact Anna Police 972-924-2848.