Starting this month the city of Anna will be replacing the water meters with new wireless meters.

The advanced metering infrastructure, or AMI system, will collect the reading on-demand and transmit it directly to the city’s utility billing system. The system collects reading multiple times throughout the day enabling in the aid of leak detection, accurate billing and improved customer service.

Anna Public Works Director Joseph Johnson said this is a step for the future.

“The new meters are part of a reliable and proven system that is used by many cities all around the United States and across the world,” he said. “This system is a positive and logical next step for the city of Anna water system.”

Some residents might be impacted by the change, but it should only be a minor annoyance, staff said.

During the replacement phase, the customer might be without water for 15 minutes, but no more than 30. About three days prior to the swap, signs will be posted in the neighborhoods where the inconvenience will be applicable, and the contractor will attempt to contact the customers. Once the installation is complete, the contractor will post a notice letting the resident know that the new meter has been installed.

The cost to replace the meters will not have an effect on the residents, as it is already factored into the current rate structure.

Johnson said the AMI system will save the city money and time. The new structure will require less interaction, leaving the employees more time for daily maintenance of the city infrastructure.

“Neptune Technology Group is a global leader in utility infrastructure systems and supports our commitment to maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens through cost-effective, innovative programs,” Johnson said. “Advanced metering also supports our commitment to customer service, enhances our ability to detect leaks, and helps us provide our customers with up-to-date water use information that our customers may then use to manage water consumption.”

For questions about the new meters, contact Anna Public Works at 972-924-4510.