At Thursday’s regularly scheduled Melissa Independent School District board of trustees meeting the board unanimously voted to approve a resolution that says no to the A through F school rating system, yes to more funding and no to tax credits and vouchers.

“As you know there are a lot of things that are going to go on in Austin,” Superintendent Keith Murphy said to the board. “Lots of things to be discussed, but we felt like it was important in our region for our board to endorse these three things; and as you know it’s real simple. We want to say yes to more funding, no to tax credit and vouchers, because there’s not enough money in the system and you guys understand how that works, and then we also want to say no to the A through F system.”

The three legislative priorities were chosen by superintendents in Region 10, Murphy said, and will be presented to the Texas Legislature if all school boards in the region choose to approve the resolution.

“We want to show a unified message in Austin,” Murphy said.

The A-F rating system was approved by the Texas Legislature last year as House Bill 2805, and the grading will begin in the 2017-18 school year.

Currently the state’s school rating system, rates schools as “exemplary” through “unacceptable,” a pass/fail based system, however according to HB 2805 on the Texas Legislative website, the new rating system will rate schools as A,B,C,D or F in five domains and in overall performance.

School boards across Texas have approved similar resolutions against the A-F rating system. Bastrop, Harlingen, College Station, Dallas, and others have asked for the system to be repealed.

Prior to the approval of the resolution, the board accepted a $2,191.82 donation from School Specialty to Harry McKillop Elementary School for new furniture.

Before the meeting the Harry McKillop Choir sang a medley of holiday songs.