Bishop Curry, a fifth grade student at Melissa Ridge Intermediate School, is in the process of developing a child safety invention that he designed to help prevent hot car deaths.

After hearing about hot car deaths, Curry was inspired to come up with a solution. His original design mimicked the likes of a car seat with fans on it. The design eventually transformed into a device that could attach to a car seat and a car’s air conditioning vent, and then send out an alert to parents if a child is left alone. His design has since been patented.

“This is my first big invention, but I do tiny inventions around the house,” Curry said.

Curry’s father, who works for Toyota, presented his son’s idea to the company. This led to an opportunity for the family to attend a conference at the Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies in Michigan, where Bishop met with senior engineers and observed safety tests.

“The most important part of the trip was going to the conference and meeting people,” Curry said. “I got to meet some other inventors and some people who do crash tests.”

Curry participated in an inventor’s camp last year at school and said he aspires to be an inventor when he grows up. He is in the gifted and talented program and is a student leader in his teacher, Chelsea Bowen’s, class. Each summer, Curry attends engineering and computer programming camps with his brother Isaiah.

Curry was featured with his family last month on Toyota’s website in focus piece about his invention.