The Melissa City Council met on Monday Dec. 12 in order to discuss land improvements and rezoning of properties in locations near Throckmorton Road, Davis Road and Fannin Road.

The city is planning to rezone the area located on the Highway 121 corridor in order to make room for future planned development projects. The area is currently undeveloped and being used for agriculture.

The city council also moved to adopt the resolution to establish eminent domain in order to make improvements along local roadways, which are in the process of acquiring the right of way for drainage and sewer lines. The affected areas include Throckmorton Road from Liberty way to Shirley lane, Davis Road from approximately U.S. 75 to Fannin Road, and Fannin Road from State Hoghway 121 to just south of Melissa Road.

Property owners in the affected areas are being contacted.

“The use of eminent domain is the last resort,” City Manager Jason Little said. “We will spend as much time with the owners as we can to try and collaborate with them.. However, without these areas we can’t build the projects.”