Seth Carpenter, a 13-year-old boy scout from Melissa was awarded a special medal for utilizing the skills taught by the organization.

Sept. 2017 was an unusually hot month for being in the fall; the temperature was well above 90 degrees. Seth was with his grandfather, Jerry Carpenter on the lake at Beavers Bend in Broken Bow Oklahoma during the hottest part of the day.

Seth was swimming while his grandfather was relaxing and floating in an inflatable raft

William Farmer, District Commissioner for Brazos Valley Boy Scouts of America and Unit Commissioner for Lone Star, said that is when danger reared its ugly head.

“His grandfather called for help because of heat exhaustion and a possible heart attack,” Farmer said.

Hearing his grandfather in trouble caused Seth to spring into action. Seth swam to his grandfather but was unable to climb onto the raft for fear of making his grandfather fall out.

Farmer said Seth towed the raft over 100 meters with one hand, so he could use the other hand to pull the raft while he swam to shore.

Once on shore, Seth pulled his grandfather out of the raft and accessed his health and the situation.

Seth then drove his grandfather’s truck to the part of the shore where his loved one laid. Farmer said Seth then placed overheated grandfather in the cab of the truck and turned the air conditioner on high.

Once Carpenter was feeling a little better, Seth was able to pack up the gear by himself and they returned home.

Carpenter’s previous heart attack a few years prior, combined with the heat exhaustion, made it difficult for him to pull himself to safety when he was in the raft.

Even though Seth is a small-framed 13-year-old, he was able to keep a clear head. He used his scouting skills and the love of his grandfather to swim Carpenter to safety.

Later, Carpenter’s nurse confirmed that he was suffering from heat exhaustion, and if not for Seth’s fast acting scout abilities, his grandfather would have most likely died.

On Aug. 5, the Circle Ten Council from the Lone Star District awarded Seth with the National Boy Scout Medal of Merit to recognize his quick actions and use of his scouting skills to save his grandfather.

The Medal of Merit is only awarded to Scouts and Scouters who have performed some act of meritorious service above and beyond what is normally expected of a youth or adult member of the Boy Scouts of America.

This act may involve saving somebody’s life but is not confined to it. It may also be awarded for any meritorious action using some aspect of Scouting skills or learning, and it seems as though Seth performed both aspects.