The Jedi Chef loves a good sit-down restaurant, but everyone knows a quick trip to the fast food joint is sometimes just as enjoyable. My group and I found that gem when we stopped by the new Mi Taco in Van Alstyne.

Weirdly enough, the restaurant — along with a Subway and coffee shop — is located inside the Lone Star Convenience Store on Highway 75 at FM 121.

We wandered into the store to be met with a grand opening celebration. The fiesta had a mariachi band, activities for the kids, and a tortilla eating contest. It even had a spin wheel for free food which is always a favorite of mine — anything free.

My group and I sauntered up the counter and gave our order to the friendly girl working the counter.

I must say the food was Tex-Mex done right! The restaurant has a unique set up for a fast food restaurant. You pick the entrée, then choose a meat and other toppings. The customer can watch as it is made fresh right in front of you.

I started my Tex-Mex trek with chicken nachos which was tender grilled chicken piled high on freshly made chips covered with golden goodness of cheese. I followed the nachos with a brisket and egg burrito. It was a slow cooked brisket, freshly scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes all rolled in a warm tortilla. Hey, I had to try the breakfast menu, too.

My third entrée – no worries, I shared with my family and I did not try to eat all the food by myself – was a barbacoa taco salad. Barbacoa is juicy beef, seasoned to perfection and slowly cooked over an open fire. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The barbacoa sits atop a bed of lettuce, refried beans and hit with the an ample helping of guacamole. All those succulent ingredients are placed in a freshly made taco bowl. Talk about amazing.

Then, my group and I finished off this wonderment of food with freshly made sopapillas. Everybody must make sure to make a trip to the sopapilla bar. It is a set up with several choices of topping to make any sweet tooth happy.

On a small side note about my trip, Mi Taco has a non-alcohol daquiri and margarita machine along with frozen hot chocolate. They went perfectly with my meal, and I would recommend stopping by on a hot day just for a frozen treat.