Three fifth grade students at Melissa Ridge Intermediate are busy this spring as they facilitate service projects.

Brayzon Riddle worked with his teacher, Jamie Muniz, to organize a food drive – open through March 24 – for the Melissa Food Pantry to serve children in need. Students in the school’s Spirit Club will decorate handmade bags to be distributed next month along with all donations from the drive.

Kailey Hanks is collecting aluminum can tabs from her peers, which she plans to recycle. Hanks will donate the money she earns from recycling to Operation Kindness, a no-kill animal shelter in Collin County. One class already has a can tab collection that weighs over 11 pounds.

“We’re collecting can tabs every Monday after school,” Hanks said. “The more cans, the better.”

Lelia “Lil” Wormington completed a service project in January during the Melissa Education Foundation’s Donkey Basketball event, raising $80 for Project Aware, an ocean conservation non-profit organization.

“I was reading a book for a research project, and it was talking about sharks and how they’re really overhunted,” Wormington said. “I wanted to try to raise money to raise awareness and provide sanctuaries for them, so that their population would go up instead of down, because we need them for all of our ecosystem.”

Wormington worked with a group of friends during school recess to come up with the idea, and she says they hope to do more fundraisers in the future.