North Texans are encouraged to review and comment on proposed modifications to the Fiscal Year 2016 and Fiscal Year 2017 Unified Planning Work Program and Transportation Improvement Program online at These efforts are important to improving air quality and advancing transportation plans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The UPWP is a federally required document prepared every two years by North Central Texoma Council of Goverments in cooperation with transportation providers and local governments. It provides a summary of transportation and related air quality planning tasks conducted by the metropolitan planning organization. Proposed modifications to the Fiscal Year 2016 and Fiscal Year 2017 UPWP are available for public review and comment.

Additionally, staff maintains a comprehensive list of funded transportation projects known as the TIP. Projects with committed funds from federal, state and local sources are included in the document. To maintain an accurate project listing, it is updated on a regular basis and modifications to the TIP are also available for public review and comment.

Lastly, Governor Greg Abbott has submitted Texas’ recommended ozone nonattainment area under the 2015 National Ambient Air Quality Standard of 70 parts per billion. The previous standard was 75 ppb. The nonattainment recommendation for North Central Texas, which will be available as an information item, includes the existing 10-county nonattainment area, with the addition of Hood County. The Environmental Protection Agency will review all state submissions and anticipates announcing the final designations in October 2017.