On Dec. 1, nine members of the Melissa High School Varsity cheer team boarded a plane and left a cold and rainy Texas for a bright and sunny Florida. These ladies were given the opportunity to represent Melissa by performing in the Varsity Spirit Spectacular in Walt Disney World, Orlando.

The Varsity Spirit Company invited cheer captains and officers from around the country to participate in this national event and spread holiday cheer by leading the Festival of Fantasy Parade through Magical Kingdom.

Upon their arrival to Disney’s Coronado Springs resort, The Melissa cheerleaders completed an evaluation of their routine that was learned before leaving home, and a four hour practice followed in order to prepare for parade day. The Cardinal cheer team was then rewarded with a day off Friday to explore and enjoy their time around the parks. Saturday, the cheerleaders took their stage and performed at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. The streets were lined with families and children that looked up to these cheerleaders as role models and inspiration.

Part of the responsibility of being a cheer captain is to not only lead a team, but to be a proper example for young girls in their own community. The captains and officers at Melissa High School displayed honorable leadership skills throughout the year, and were therefore given this opportunity to demonstrate their skills at a much larger platform.

While in Disney, the girls not only got to spend a generous amount of time experiencing the magic of the theme park, but also were able to show off their extraordinary talent with other cheerleaders from around the nation. This trip was the first time cheerleaders from Melissa had the opportunity to travel to celebrate their own ability, and, as a whole, this served as an accomplishment for the future of the entire cheer program at Melissa High School.