Local firefighter, paramedic views on student protests

The Florida students did not want to protest gun violence as the walk out turned into, but just wanted to honor their fallen students with a peaceful walkout to the parking lot. Many people, not students but parents, took the opportunity to blow the event out of proportion to push their own agendas by walking out, leaving the school, marching on city halls and governmental buildings. You can not fight violence with more anger, simply will not work.

The first amendment does give Americans the right to free speech and to peacefully protest, but that does not protect you from consequences of what you say or what you do. Disrupting class, breaking school policy and putting a strain on local ISDs and public safety personnel is not peacefully protesting and therefore not Constitutional. Authority will never listen to trouble makers and rule breakers. Protest peacefully with a reason, cause and a solution to get results.

These school age kids are still legally bound to their parents and their parents are still legally responsible for them, so the parents get the final say so, not the child.

There was plenty of things that could have been done to honor these students, and start discussions. Take a look at what Melissa ISD high school did. They set time aside during their lunch period for students to come to the gym, have rational discussions, a time of silence to honor the fallen and still be within school policy and supervised by adults. This is how the freedom of speech and peaceful protest should be done. Accomplished much more than any number of students walking out.

“Lose gun laws” are not to blame for these school shootings. The laws are there, they need to be enforced better and parents with guns need to be held accountable when their kids get their guns. Lets look at the number one cause of school violence, school bulling. The discussion need to be about all the causes that lead up to the school shooting, not just blame the gun. Lets talk about school bulling, lack of mental health care in America, and teaching kids how to handle adversity, not just blame a gun.

Our children need to be raised strong minded and with loud voices, but it must be taught how to be done in the correct way, and with proper love and respect to all. The millennial generation has been trying your type of protest, disruptive protest, for years and still not getting anywhere or changing anyone’s mind. Maybe its time to try something new, try the right way.

I have been a firefighter/licensed paramedic for 15 years and have worked or volunteered for four different fire departments in the area, and one thing that I have learned is to never take anything for granted. If people do not make them self predictable by being where they are suppose to be or doing what is correct actions, bad things happen.

Steven Huth