ANNA — A five-week span of Summer League baseball got underway at the Anna Sports Complex on Monday, June 5, with Anna’s Coyotes battling Quinlan Ford in double-header action. Games are played on Monday evenings at 5:30 p.m. through July 3 and are basically scrimmages, with no scores, stats or standings kept. The teams are made up of varsity players from last season who will return next year and a handful of incoming freshmen, as indicated in the roster.

The league is not affiliated with the UIL or any of the member schools, therefore school coaches may not participate. Anna’s team is coached by Chaice Howard.

“The purpose of the league is not only for the team to get acclimated, but also to have more opportunities to work on the fundamentals of the game before next year,” he said. “… We are trying kids at different positions. We are working out pitchers. It gives kids more time to work on their game. This will hopefully be a jump start to next season, kind of seeing what kids can do in the field.”

The informal 13-team league stretches into East Texas, but not all teams will face each other. After the Coyotes played two with Quinlan Ford, they traveled to Princeton on June 12. Anna has three evenings of Summer League ball remaining: June 19 versus Farmersville at home, June 26 at Nevada Community and July 3 at Greenville.