Every year, the Anna High School hosts an awards ceremony for all the athletes. On Monday, May 1, the annual ceremony started by an introduction and procession of all the student athletes, and head football coach and Athletic Director Jason Heath thanked the supporters and behind-the-scenes helpers. After the introduction, the commencement of the awards followed. The purpose of the event is to recognize all of the athletes who work hard and commit to their athletics throughout the school year, and to give awards to the ones who went above and beyond.

Many of the students that were recognized reached the regional status in volleyball, football, cross country, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, powerlifting, tennis, golf, softball, baseball and track. Some of the athletes even reached the state levels in the competitions.

The students who are recognized get their names engraved on a plate, and the plate is placed on the perpetual plaques. The plaques are then to remain in the trophy case for 30 years. Some of the honors went to girls powerlifting state qualifying champion Vail Springer, and Volleyball Hitter of the Year went to Skylar Van Norman. Most Valuable Player for basketball was awarded to Keamoni Mattocks. Carlos Garrido was the boys soccer offensive Most Valuable Player. There were many more students who received recognition.

Heath, the athletic director for the district, said he is proud of the Anna athletic program.

“As our district is growing so is our athletic program,” Heath said. “Our community and district has provided us with some top-notch facilities. What many people outside our district don’t realize is that we have great kids here in Anna.”

Heath also applauded the work that has been done by the district’s athletes.

“Our programs have become more competitive in the last several years and a lot of that is the kids and parents understanding the work and commitment level that it takes to be successful,” Heath said. “In the last several years we have seen most of our programs achieve program milestones in record number of wins, district championships, record number of athletes advancing beyond the district level and even producing several state champions (powerlifting). Anna is a great place to be right now and we are lucky to have great coaches who are invested in seeing our athletes achieve great things on the field/court but also want to see them succeed in life after their playing days are over.”

Heath said the awards ceremony is a great way to recognize the athletes for their accomplishments.

“Being able to reflect back on the successes that our athletes have achieved and to be able to show everyone what we have been able to do here as an athletic program is an exciting night,” Heath said. “Our booster club does an awesome job in organizing and setting up for this event.”

Not only did Anna High School give out athletic awards, they also gave a few unsuspecting students scholarships. Heath said the scholarships ranged from $300 to $600 given to six athletes to be applied to their college expenses. Also, a $500 Giving Heart scholarship went to one athlete and two received the Walter-Adams $1,000 scholarships.