Anna’s girls powerlifting team took first place out of 33 teams competing at the S&S High School meet on Thursday, Jan. 19, in Sadler. Individual first-place winners for Anna included Rebekah Roberts in the 105-pound weight class, Sarah Scott in the 123-pound weight class and Vail Springer in the 198-pound weight class.

Anna’s boys placed third out of 18 teams at the same meet, with the Coyotes’ Trey Good placing first in the 123-pound weight class.

“This meet had several outstanding teams in it,” Anna girls coach Chris Anderson said. “So for us to be able to compete alongside them and win the meet is a big accomplishment for this team. We have had some seniors who are performing well and stepping up as leaders, as well as some young lifters that have surprised us with how well they are competing already. I’m looking forward to what this team can accomplish this season.”

“We saw a lot of great things out of our team that showed they were working hard in practice to prepare for the meets,” boys coach Kenny Wilkerson said. “I was really proud of how they stepped up and performed in such a competitive meet. We look forward to going back to work and improving for next week’s meet.”

Below is the complete list of Lady Coyote and Coyote participants’ results:


Rebekah Roberts, 1st place; 105 class; 495 pounds lifted

Sarah Scott, 1st Place; 123 class; 635 pounds lifted

Vail Springer, 1st Place; 198 class; 960 pounds lifted

Hailee Anderson, 2nd Place; 198 class; 915 pounds lifted

Macy Davis, 2nd Place; 181 class; 835 pounds lifted

Fekyra Wells, 3rd Place; 181 class; 795 pounds lifted

Ashley Enriquez, 4th Place; 259 class; 865 pounds lifted

Nalyn Koenig, 4th Place; 123 class; 575 pounds lifted

Brooke Hodge, 5th Place; 123 class; 565 pounds lifted

Katie Kemp, 5th Place; 148 class; 700 pounds lifted

Delanie Hamilton, 13th Place; 132 class; 495 pounds lifted


Trey Good, 1st Place; 123 class; 905 pounds lifted

Jonathan Venable, 2nd Place; 132 class; 1,080 pounds lifted

Antonio Barragan, 3rd Place; 165 class; 1,200 pounds lifted

Nicholas Reid, 4th Place; 132 class; 885 pounds lifted

Austin Dickson, 5th Place; 198 class; 1,150 pounds lifted

Michael Mixson, 6th Place; 114 class; 545 pounds lifted

Julian Mendoza, 6th Place; 181 class; 1,155 pounds lifted

Harrison Corneilus, 6th Place; 220 class; 1,130 pounds lifted

Josue Hernandez, 7th Place; 148 class; 915 pounds lifted

Dylan Garcia, 7th Place; 275 class; 1,200 pounds lifted