On Monday, the Melissa Cardinals traveled north to take on the Class 1A Division II defending state basketball champs, the Roxton Lions. The Cardinals took an early lead and held on to it to take the game, 54-49,

Melissa’s early lead lasted until midway through the second quarter when Roxton senior guard Kalyl McGuire took over. He dominated the court, scoring 13 points and allowing the Lions to take a 28-16 lead into the locker room at the half.

The Cardinals came out in the third and held McGuire to only 10 points, however. Sheldon Moore added 12 in the third for the. Despite Moore’s performance – which included an unassisted steal, the Cardinals trailed 36-44 going into the fourth quarter.

In the final frame, the Cardinals shut down McGuire through the on-court leadership of Cory Regan. The Cardinals allowed the Lions just five points in the fourth while Regan scored eight points, four of which were from the foul line.

Regan led the Cardinals in scoring with 16 points, followed by Moore with 15 points. Will Gray had 10 points on the night. Roxton’s McGuire had 29 of their 49 points.