The Melissa Independent School District Board of Trustees met on Monday to receive updates on various projects and approve changes needed to smoothly transition into the board’s future. It also bid farewell to a fixture in the district for the past decade.

After the meeting was called to order, the public forum opened to hear comments or concerns from the citizens. One citizen voiced the need for the administration and community to be well represented when selecting a new superintendent.

Board member Anthony Figueroa will be attending a conference in Washington D.C., where he will represent Melissa ISD along with roughly 30 other representatives from districts all across Texas. The conference will be composed of school district representatives, senators, members of the House of Representatives and lobbyists in a workshop setting with a main focus on the passing of legislation that will help school districts the nation over better educate and serve their communities.

Karen Gracy and Ryan Kiefer presented MISD’s dual credit and scholarship update, showing significant progress in the development of programs geared toward equipping Melissa High School’s upperclassmen with the tools necessary for college admission. While MISD has no official college partner at the moment, there are core courses offered in which students can receive college credit through schools such as Collin College. The high school’s website has undergone user-friendly modifications in order to better serve and provide resources to parents, students, and administrators. The city library has dedicated some space to serve as a resource for more information regarding scholarships and admissions, as well.

Kenny Deel updated the board with the current status of MHS’ maintenance and construction of expanded parking, fine arts and athletic buildings. Representatives from Pogue and PBK architects were present to address any comments or concerns and to assure that while the projects are still on the ground, there will be "bricks and sticks" coming along shortly while maintaining a safe, out-of-the-way work environment with volunteer safety inspectors present throughout the project.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Robert Rich presented the board with finance and staffing updates. Student enrollment rates were higher than projected, which will have a positive effect on district growth. Staffing updates concerning the resignation of a staff member was discussed in the executive (closed) session.

The board approved a joint use agreement with the City of Melissa to share the use of Zadow Park. The proposal, which had been drawn up for some time, is now officially approved and will serve mostly to help the high school’s expanding athletic program.

Trustees approved the changing of MISD bank account signers to reflect the board’s recent transition.

Monday’s board meeting was the last one for outgoing Superintendent Dr. Jason Smith, who received tearful farewells from most of the presenters and board members at the meeting and more than one round of applause from those in attendance.