The Melissa Commercial Exchange held its first meeting on the morning of Nov. 21 in the Community Room of Melissa City Hall. Members of the 4A Economic Development Board, city officials, members of the 4B Board, the Chamber of Commerce Director, business leaders and interested members of the community attended an informal gathering to discuss the future direction for the City of Melissa, what they want to see the city look like as it grows commercially.

The idea behind the Melissa Commercial Exchange is that city officials and members of boards charged with economic development meet on a quarterly basis with commercial and residential developers who may be interested in expanding to Melissa. At these gatherings, the city will have the opportunity to sell Melissa and developers will have a chance to explain their plans.

Friday’s initial meeting focused on the opportunities and challenges facing economic development in Melissa. Friday’s meeting attracted approximately 20 city officials and others interested in economic development. Future meetings are planned for every quarter.