There were three choices: Push, hop and hear.

The student was asked to choose the answer which best completes the following sentence: Jumping beans ___ because a worm lives inside. The lesson was over context clues. I was assisting a gentleman who had recently come to the states. English was not his native language, and he was trying to learn the many nuances of his new environment.

After he studied the sentence for clues, I asked, “So, which word do you choose?”

“Push,” he said timidly.

“OK, explain why you chose ‘push’ as your answer.”

“Because the other two words do not make sense when I read them with the sentence.”

I point to the word “hop.”

“Why doesn’t this word make sense?”

He looks at me squarely in the eyes. I had not seen him before so confident. In fact, this was the first time I had seen him with his chin up above his shoulders when he spoke. “Because, Ms. Tiffany, Jesus Christ is my hop.”

I understood. I smiled. I lightly rested my palm upon my chest. “Yes,” I nodded. “Jesus Christ is my hope too. The word you speak of is hope. H.O.P.E.”

“What is this word?” He pointed to the lesson.



“Yes.” I stood up and began hopping.

He began to laugh. I am not certain if he were laughing at my hopping or at his delight in realizing the word. Either way, as soon as I caught my breath, I laughed with him.

He nodded several times before he spoke. “Just like hopping from the heat to the cool water. Yes?”

He explained to me a memory of “hopping” on sun baked courts where he played barefoot as a child. Buckets of water would occasionally be poured upon the sweltering concrete, but even the water was thin and hot. It wasn’t until he jumped into the pool did he find relief.

I must confess, I felt like the student and he the teacher. How many times in my life has my hope took on the resemblance of this student’s “hop” story? Perhaps hope is to HOP from life’s brutal heat into Christ’s Extraordinary relief. Yes, perhaps this is what hope is all about — assuredly taking hold faith’s hand and jumping into what might be undefined by us, but already determined by God.

Jeremiah 17:8 says, “They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

God’s provision is enough. Be blessed by what God has given you today.

How would you fill in this sentence: Jesus Christ is my ___. If someone asked you to explain why you chose your answer, would you be able to? Better yet, if Jesus Christ asked you to live out your answer, would you be able to assuredly tell him that you already do so on a daily basis?

SGLY, dear readers.

(Smile, God Loves You.)

Tiffany Kaye Chartier is a Christian author and opinion columnist. You can find her newly released books, “H.E.R.O. Faith” and “Bad Disciples” on Amazon. To submit feedback on SGLY, please contact news@ Follow Chartier on Facebook: facebook. com/tiffanychartier and Twitter: @tiffanychartier