On Saturday I got the opportunity to cover the Texoma Home and Garden Show at the Texoma Event Center and Hilton Garden Inn as a part of my weekend reporter duties. Throughout the event, I got to see products and services aimed at improving the small place I call home.

Over the past few years, I’ve considered looking at ways of improving my home, be it with plants or other improvements. However, I couldn’t help but feel that the scale at Saturday’s show was far larger than my tiny home.

When I speak of my home, I am talking about my small, modest, one-bedroom apartment that I have lived in for the past few years. It may not be much, but I’ve made it my own. However, recently I’ve been considering ways that I may add a little greenery to it or my small patio. There is no need for a lawnmower, let alone one of the riding models on display Saturday.

This all started with me wanting to find a way to use the scraps of vegetables that I often have left over from cooking, something that has become a personal hobby. With certain vegetables, I could even regrow what I used, and I am never one to argue with saving a few dollars where I can.

When I lived with my father we had a rather large garden and compost pile that we maintained over the years. While this gives me some familiarity, it is only enough to make me dangerous and I will never admit to having a green thumb.

Back home, we had enough space, and actual soil, that we could try many things ranging from berry bushes to smaller fruit trees. This space also had a downside, as more than once we found our garden overwhelmed by one crop or another. Cucumber was a recurring problem.

What has kept me from trying, however, is simply not knowing where to start and what would work best given my limitations. However, sometimes it is these limitations that spark ingenuity and success.

Happy birthday Sunday to Shancey Franklin, David Pyle, and Maurice Brown Jr., all of Sherman; Karol Kolb Parker of Richardson; Rhea Leslie of Celina; Connor Kirby of Frisco; Faye Fugett of Anna; Brian Scruggs of Arlington; and Janet Hudson.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Brett and Stacey Counce of Denison, 25 years.

Happy birthday Monday to Tarah Arrington of Gunter; Dee Lough, Pat Briggs, and Bryant Winkels, all of Sherman; and Gwynn Crowson of Mesquite.

Happy anniversary Monday to Tom and Debbie Watt of Sherman, 35 years.