I remember well the first time I went in the town of Anna, Texas’ city limits. We were house hunting. We had started on our own, just investigating for a new home, without benefit of a realtor. We had been to McKinney, and Melissa, nearby towns and had not found what suited us. Driving on past the sign saying Anna, I asked my husband to stop at the large Brookshire’s grocery store so that I might use their restroom. I entered the attractive store, with no other intent on my mind, when I was drawn to an interesting large cardboard display that was centered near the ceiling as I entered the store. It was obviously scenes from the early townsite of Anna. For some time I stood mesmerized, examining the old pictures of days gone by.

Possibly, all of us have had unexplainable moments when strange feelings, happenings we couldn’t explain, or premonitions, we might call them, have happened. I prefer to believe “God whispers” happen. A whisper, so quiet it could be missed, if one does not get quiet and listen.

After standing there, examining those days of the past, I experienced a warm feeling, and thought I would like to live in this town with the pleasant name of Anna. I like the name itself as it’s a favorite biblical character of mine who loved God so much that she hung around the Jerusalem Temple until he manifested himself as a baby. The thought and warm feeling was there, and gone. Off we went to look for our dream home. Within five minutes we had found the house we now have lived in for almost five years.

This feeling I call a premonition certainly proved itself as my husband and I soon continued what we have always done, which is help with mercy missions. We became involved with Anna’s House, the local food pantry. It was through that time we found out the important impact that not only the store Brookshire’s, but the manager Mr. Nutt had on those that have hard times, as most have, in this community. They encouraged the community itself to give food to their friends and neighbors who have fallen on those tough times. Through their contributions those shelves were stocked to the ceilings. Although the Anna House Food Pantry is no longer in existence, the mercy goes on through a people loving people organization called “ Pay It Forward.”

I said all this to say thank you to Brookshire’s Grocery and Pharmacy. Thank You Mr. Nutt. When the big box store comes in, and all are fascinated with this new store, don’t forget our old friends that have supported this community loyally and with a generosity that many know nothing of. I do!

A loyal customer,

Jan Chapman