Christmas might be my favorite holiday because the party doesn’t seem to end as quickly as it does for the other holidays. Sure, we technically have to return to work after what we all hope is a glorious three-day weekend, but then we only have to work for an abbreviated period before we’re struck with another three-day weekend at New Year’s. It’s delightful and, after spending so much time with family and friends and gifts, it’s nice to really get a chance to party with music and fireworks. Or, if you’re like me, a viewing of “When Harry Met Sally,” the best of the New Year’s movies.

This past year has been full of ups and downs. I didn’t get to travel as much as I wanted, but I was able to save up enough money to hopefully do some traveling this year. I ran my first 5K and became an aunt for the first time. It’s been fun.

Something I am going to miss now that 2016 is over are the letters to Santa I’ve seen in the newsroom, even up through Christmas. The thought process and the innermost desires of small children absolutely delight me. It’s neat to see the new toy trends the children ask Santa for, and the thoughtfulness of their words. I frequently see in these letters a prevailing concern and curiosity for the health of Rudolph, as well as asking Santa to share the cookies and snacks left for him with his bride. It’s a joy to read these every year. Here are some of my favorites:

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer doing? Why did you not eat my gummy bear last year? I wish for Shopkins and I also need warm furry boots.

Love, Mackenzie

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer? I love how kind you are! How is Mrs. Clause doing? For Christmas this year I would like a piano and a flute! I also want some boots, a coat and a blonde wig!

Love, Jaylee

Dear Santa,

How are you and your elves? I like your red suit and black boots. Thank you for the Star Wars cards you gave me last year. My puppy wants more dog toys. I want Legos and a Batman stuffed animal. I need a lot of shoes that have a cool design. I would love to ride your sleigh with Rudolph and Frosty! Have the Merriest Christmas of your life, Santa!

Love, Gabe

Dear Santa,

I want to see you in real life. You are the best. I want 10,000 dollars. I’ve been good. I also want a dirt bike. I love you! Can you bring my sister a teddy bear? Thank you.

Love, Taylor

Dear Santa,

Can I please have five thousand dollars, five thousand hot wheels, wings that can make me flie please, can I please have two blue diamonds and a real light saber and a hachible please and merry chistmas.


Dear Santa,

How have you been? I hope Rudolf’s nose is red as can be! I have been very good this year. I helped my sister clean her room and she didn’t even pay me. Please bring my mom a ticket to Las Vegas. She wants to go with my Grandma. My dad wants a new TV because the good one broke. My sister needs a new pull out bed so I can sneak in there and sleep with her. I need a new bed. Just a normal one because I’m getting too big for my other bed. I would also like a blue four-wheeler and a BB gun. A lot of bunnies come in our yard and eat our garden. I will leave you some homemade biscuits and milk on Christmas Eve. Have a safe trip, Santa.

Love, Kolten

Dear Santa,

Excuse me but please don’t listin to meme. I want chip the zoomer Please, Please get me this. I don’t know if I have been good or not. Ok merry Chrismas.


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