In a press release sent out by TxDOT, they are informing the public about an upcoming lane closure. With all the recent accidents due to the construction, this information is vital.

The construction project started in July 2016, and is slotted to be complete by May 2019. The construction has been the cause of countless accidents in the Anna/Melissa area over the past several months; thus becoming a thorn in the residents’ sides — or anybody caught in the many traffic jams that spill over from the accidents.

Anna Police Chief Interim Jeff Caponera said the amount of wrecks since the beginning of the construction is excessive. “Anna Police Department has worked 119 wrecks since the construction has started,” Caponera said.

That makes an estimated average of 80 wrecks per year.

The lane closure is scheduled to be active from Sunday Feb. 25 at 9 p.m. through Monday Feb. 26 at 5 a.m. Not only are the 2 northbound lanes scheduled to be closed, the southbound lanes will also be closed. The press release said it will be a total freeway closure for all four main lanes at Foster Crossing Bridge.

The contractor, Austin Bridge and Road, will be pouring the bridge deck for the bridge.

TxDOT gave instructions to the drivers to ease the congestion that will erupt from the lane closures. “All traffic will be required to exit NB US 75 at exit 47 and will be allowed to re-enter at on-ramp north of FM 455. All traffic will be required to exit SB US 75 at exit north of Foster Crossing/Outer Loop and allowed to re-enter at on-ramp south of Throckmorton Road,” the press release stated.

TxDOT also suggests the public to be observant to signs and alterations in the construction zones. “Be attentive to signage and slow down through the work zone. Local traffic seek alternate route.”

TxDOT has attempted to make every measure possible to help motorists be aware of the lane closures.

“Message boards have been placed on US 75 to alert public of lane closures. Police Officers will be at the intersection of FM 455 and US-75 Northbound Frontage Road and also at the intersection of US-75 Northbound Frontage Road and Foster Crossing/Outer Loop to help mitigate congestion” the press release states.