As all the names of the candidates for Anna City Council come tumbling in, Russ Wong has entered his bid for seat four. Wong, a retired strategic account manager for Cummins Engine, decided to run for Council to have the opportunity to serve.

“I decided to run for City Council as my contribution to serve Anna, with community service as my end game. I wanted to contribute to Anna’s future growth and development as a way to improve people’s lives in a small way.”

Wong has been a resident of Anna for three years and also served on the Northpointe Crossing Homeowners Association Board of Directors for a year. Wong said even though he has not served in a governmental capacity, he has much to offer to Anna with his education and experience in the field of leadership. Wong is in the process of achieving a PHD in Management, with a concentration on leadership. He also has a Masters and Bachelors in Business Management and has held many positions of leadership in his career.

Wong said he is in favor of the $17 million dollar city hall proposal because it would centralize all the different departments. “I support the $17 Million Dollar City Hall initiative and proposal as a collective way to centralize the various Anna Governmental Functional Groups, maximize synergies, improve cross functional and channel communication and improve and reduce operational and tactical efficiency cost. These efficiencies can be realized through centralization and consolidation versus remote silo operational location(s) configuration now being used today. Operational cost avoidance and efficiencies can be realized through centralization today. The result of a protracted discusses, and debate action today will result in a higher capital investment cost for new acquisition and construction cost for a New City Hall later. I recommend a debate and decide approach that would result in the benefits I describe in the above commentary.”

Eminent Domain is needed for growth, Wong said. “Eminent Domain is a necessary tool that represents a necessary evil in the development of modern society’s growth. The legitimate use of Eminent Domain enables the City to assure the Growth and Development of the City and is realized as the City’s planned growth needs materialize. I support the legitimacy and utilization of Eminent Domain when the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few for this reason.”

Wong said annexation is unavoidable because of the growth of the city. “Annexation is necessary to provide the goods and services to areas that do not have the proper and sufficient infrastructure and resources to develop as an independent community. The goods and services that a community needs and expects come with a cost and Annexation can be utilized to achieve this state and goal. I support Annexation for this reason.”

Wong said he also believes the committees tasked to create the city brand should have the ability to vote it in. “I support the City logo and branding initiative. I believe the committee tasked with investigating and developing a novel City logo and branding have the decisional and approval power. These individuals are intimate with various components and stages of the process used to arrive at the future state of the City’s logo and branding. We must trust in the committee’s skills, talent, and ability to bring the City’s Branding and Logo from the future into the present. The approach described above assures the City’s needs will be realized through a process opposed to an emotional personal view.”