Each year, Christian students gather at the flagpole in the front of their school for prayers, worship and scripture readings. The students at Anna High School gathered on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 27 to join in group prayer before the start of the school day.

For over 25 years, See You At The Pole (SYATP) has been an event that one million students across the state, country and world participate in once a year. At the center of it all — prayer.

What started as a small gathering of 10 students in a small town here in Texas, praying at their school in 1990, has become a global day of student prayer today.

“It is a time where students get to come together to worship and pray. This is my sixth year as FCA [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] sponsor, and we have done SYATP for at least the past five years here at Anna High School,” said AHS football and track coach Jeremy Patton.

“One thing that I have prayed for since I became the FCA leader is for a revival to occur, and I truly believe that that can start with just one person’s heart turning towards God and being set on fire to show that love to others,” Patton added.

On Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 7:45 a.m., at least 50 Anna High School students gathered around the front flagpoles where they joined hands in a big circle. To start off, Coach Patton prayed over everyone.

Next, two Juniors from AHS, Madison Hemenway and Nick Reid, led the group in worship. Instead of having volunteers pray over every subject aloud in front of the group, like years in the past, Senior FCA President Hannah Heath had everyone split up into little groups to pray.

Heath gave everyone a topic, let them pray in groups, and then would pray aloud over the topic. The students prayed for our country, community, leaders/president, faculty at the school, peers and those who serve our country.

Lastly, everyone gathered in a circle again around the flagpole where FCA member and AHS Junior, Emilee Walker, closed in prayer.

“It brings my heart great joy to watch all of the students come together and to pray and worship so openly.” Patton said.

The officially time and date for this year’s gathering was Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 7:00 local time. This event occurred around the globe in multiple time zones for students who were home schooled, private schooled or public schooled alike.

See You at the Pole was in participation with the Global Week of Student Prayer, which occurred from Sept. 23- Sept. 30.