On Thursday, Sept. 20, the Anna School Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting. After a few housekeeping agenda items, Claycomb & Associates filled in the board on the progress of Harlow Elementary’s construction.

George DeJohn of Claycomb & Associates, the company currently building Harlow Elementary, said it is near completion.

“If you ask about any part of the school’s progress, you will hear 95%,” DeJohn said. “The entire school is near completion, right there at the finish line.” There are a few items left, as in painting and putting the sidewalk in. Also, landscaping items, grass and sod.

“The timeline is still the same, we are looking at a December finish date,” a rep for the company said.

Once DeJohn completed the Harlow presentation, WRA Architects out of Dallas gave a presentation on the plans for the Anna ISD Stadium renovation. According to the representative, it is only in the design phase. However, the plans are to have it complete by kick-off of the first game in fall of 2018.

The remodel will upgrade the home side to 3,138 seats and add 750 to the visitor’s side; making a total of 5,088 seats. The home side will have 812 reserved seats with backs, and the bleachers on each side will have 1,163 per side.

The rep also said they will increase the electricity on the home concession stand to eliminate the issue of breakers popping. Rhonda Lewis, a trustee on the Anna School Board, asked if it was possible to put the concession stand under the bleachers, instead of the proposed storage room.

“It is possible to make it a concession stand,” the rep said. “We would have to put an actual roof on it. It is definitely something we can look at.”

Huckabee Architects stepped up to the podium to inform the board of the plans for the Anna High School addition. It is in the concept phase, right now. The remodel will increase the school’s capacity up to 1,350 students.

The rep said originally, they were thinking of putting the addition on the west wing of the school, but changed plans to use the thoroughfare to showcase it. “We were thinking the west wing for the addition,but want to use the northwest corner to showcase the school,” the rep said.

There is also a possibility of an addition of a 9th grade wing in the future. There will be a STEAM area — science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. The second floor above the STEAM area will be for the Career/Technical Education classes.

The remodel plans also include a shelter that can hold up to 1,000 people. When not in use as a shelter, it will be used as a multi-purpose room or anything else the school might need.