At the monthly Melissa School Board meeting held on Monday, Sept. 18, some students were named during the Cardinal Commendations. Cardinal Commendations are a way for teachers and faculty to recognize students who go above-and-beyond the duty of being a student.

As the teachers called up the students to reward them with a certificate, there was a theme among every student. Every single presenter boasted about how the student they nominated was always polite and ready to help in any way needed. Every student took time out of their own schedules to help other students in their classes.

Harry McKillop Elementary awarded two students, Journey Kincannon (who was not able to be present) and Regan Lipsett. Melissa Ridge Intermediate recognized three students for a Cardinal Commendation — Deacon Ashley, Angelina Ayala and Izabel Ortiz.

After the students were recognized, the school board called on a few staff members to receive a Cardinal Commendation. Amanda Harvey, an 8th grade science teacher, was awarded a commendation due to her ability of raising the science scores and keeping them above the average in the short time she has been with the district.

Stacy Miller and Venus Malone, both Melissa High School office staff, each received a certificate. Melissa Superintendent Keith Murphy said the two women are always eager to help.

“It doesn’t matter what work they have on their desk, they will always take the time to help you,” Murphy said. “Be it a faculty or staff member, or a student, they are always helpful. They go above-and-beyond the call of duty.” Murphy added that the ladies’ loyalty to the district and members was admirable. “These two ladies are so loyal, they crave success for our students and the district,” she said.

After congratulating the students and staff for their commendations, Murphy announced two firsts for Melissa Middle School. The overall attendance for 9th grade last month was 99.07%, and the school’s overall attendance was an astounding 98.41%.