The Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for Melissa Eye Associates on Tuesday, Sept 12. The ribbon cutting ceremony symbolizes the business joining the chamber, as well as its community.

Executive Director of the GACC, Kevin Hall, said he holds the ribbon cutting ceremonies for businesses to welcome them to the Chamber. He emphasized that it does not matter if it is an existing business that decided to join the chamber, or a brand-new business coming into the community — the chamber will welcome them all the same.

Some perks of the ceremony are to allow the business to have instant recognition from the posts of the event on the Chamber website. It also gives the business owners access to accessing future networking events normally held by the Chamber.

The event was a double ceremony, with Melissa Eye Associates cuting a ribbon for both the Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce and the GACC. Some companies join more than one chamber — usually in the case of neighboring communities — to widen their networking circles. It is not uncommon for companies to practice this.

Melissa Eye Associates, located at 3591 McKinney Street in Melissa, strives to offer the community the best ocular health and vision needs. They reach for this goal by using top of the line and state of the art equipment.

The website states the company wants the best for their customers, with Melissa Eye Associates refusing to cut corners. They aim to schedule appointments with ample time, so the customer never feels rushed.

Melissa Eye Associates boasts that the company has four doctors on staff who are certified therapeutic optometrists and optometric glaucoma specialists. Additionally, the doctors are Adjunct Professors of the Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio.

One goal of the company is to help customers feel comfortable about eyewear. “We want to help provide that connection to your eyewear, and facilitate an enthusiasm about wearing them,” the Melissa Eye Associates website stated.