Elections for city council members stagger 2 positions every year. Doing elections in this manner helps keep any “take over” attempts to a minimum, and the council always has a veteran on the board. In May of 2018, the 2 positions that will be coming up for re-election is the Mayoral seat, and seat 1.

Just last week, Nate Pike, the current president of the Community Development Corporation, announced his bid to run for Mayor of Anna next year. Pike said he has massive respect for the council. “I respect all the council members and anybody in a local governmental office,” Pike said. “I know it takes quite a bit of time away from their families to serve the community, and I have a lot of respect for that.”

Pike said he feels Anna needs to see more community. ‘We’re growing so fast, I believe we’re losing focus on the community,” Pike said. “That could be a dangerous road.” He said he believes Anna needs to take a step back. “We need to worry less about what we want for Anna, and more about what Anna needs.”

He said he believes more attention should be paid to the infrastructure of Anna; the roadways, water, and sewer. Most imporantly, Pike said the priority of improvements should be directed to the 1st responders.

“I believe we, as a city, need to focus more on the fire and police department before worrying about a city hall, stated Pike, adding that Anna has a need for a new city hall, due to all the growth, not just 17 million dollars worth.

Pike’s biggest frustration is the future brand for Anna.

“The city spent $85,000 for a new brand, and here we are, 2 years later with nothing,” stated Pike. “We had to go back to the drawing board.”

Pike said he believes the citizens should be steering the focus of Anna, and it is time for new leadership.

As CDC president, Pike has been listening to the citizens’ concerns about the roadways deteriorating and being too narrow.

“Once we get a grip on the infrastructure, the opportunities will present themselves,” he noted.

He also said having city growth is great, but having a balanced growth is important.

When asked why he is announcing his bid for mayor so early, Pike responded with ‘why wait?’

“I have been praying a lot about the idea of running for sometime,” he stated. “One day I woke up and looked at my wife and said I felt like I’m being called to do this.”

Pike said he is running for mayor to make sure his children have a city they can grow up in and be proud to live. He wants Anna to be the city his children are happy to return back to after college to start their own families. Pike said he just an family man and an open book.

“I am not a politician and have nothing to hide, I believe in living a life of honesty and being clear in all things I do,” he stated.

Pike said he wanted to reiterate the respect he has for the current Mayor and Council members. “I know these guys have been away from their families to try to do what is best for Anna, and I have immense respect for them.”

By trade, Pike is a financial advisor. However, he has been heavily involved in community positions for quite some time. In addition to being the CDC president and an EDC board member, Pike is the Chair Elect for the Leadership McKinney Alumni Network, and the president of the Grayson County Children’s Advocacy Center. He is also the Vice chair of the North Texas Young Professionals, and a member of the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce. Aditionally, Pike is on the Heard Craig Center for the Arts Board of Trustess, and on the Denison High Alumni Association Board. He was an integral part of helping the Denison Rotary Club raise over $100,000 to help created Denison’s 1st handicap accessible park.