The Hunters Ridge community pool in Melissa has been temporarily closed fore repairs. In the press release to the members of the community, the Homeowner’s Association said the pool will be closed for an unknown period of time.

A resident contacted the HOA board in regards to some liquid pooling on the sidewalk outside of the pool. The resident was concerned it might be sewage. Immediately after, the board notified RealManage, the HOA management company, and a plumber was dispatched to the site to assess the situation. The plumber cleared the sewage line and discovered the pump needed to be replaced. A press release from the Hunters Ridge HOA said the HOA reverted to the plumber to fix the problem.

The pool was then backwashed — a routine maintenance of reversing the water flow to flush out trash and contaminates from the filters — and the pool pump proved it could not handle the process. After being told about the issue, HOA started getting bids on costs to replace the pump.

A statement from the HOA said officials thought everything had been resolved.

“It was cleaned up and we assumed the situation was resolved and we could continue to operate the pool and amenity center until we got the pump replaced,” the HOA board said in its statement. “We were under the impression that the temporary fix was sufficient and gave us time to get some bids for the replacement.”

On Sunday, July 16, residents on social media posted that liquid was once again pooling on the sidewalk.

“No one called RealManage or any board members to report this,” the HOA board said in its statement. “Instead, it was just posted to Facebook and the post also insinuated that the Board was doing nothing (even though we had no idea it was happening. We want to be clear that this post was the first knowledge we had.”

The statement said from this, the board contacted RealManage immediately. The board said it was concerned about the safety of the residents of Hunters Ridge.

“We never took this lightly or tried to downplay the situation,” the board said in its statement.

City of Melissa officials said they are aware of the leak, and have been in regular contact with the HOA after being initially notified by a concerned resident.

“Due to the standing water indicating a likely leak, on Monday morning Public Works Director Jeff Cartwright, in compliance with standard protocol laid out by TCEQ, notified the HOA and subsequently shut off the water meter that feeds the Amenity Center, pool and surrounding grounds,” city staff said.

City officials added that the water was shut off to prevent any additional water flow to the area while the cause is being investigated.

After the HOA relayed to the city that the issue had been identified as a problem with the private sewer lift station, the city instructed the HOA board on the next steps needed to be followed for restoration of services. However, the pool would still be closed until repairs had been made and inspected by the city.

City of Melissa officials said they understand the inconvenience and frustration of the residents not having access to the pool. Nevertheless, the city said they have taken the appropriate measures in the best interest of the health and safety of not only the residents in Hunters Ridge, but all of Melissa.

City staff asks for all questions regarding the repairs and progress of the pool to be directed to the Hunters Ridge HOA; the city is not responsible for repairs and maintenance on any private sewer infrastructure. For any questions or concerns regarding any health or safety issue on the matter, contact Jeff Cartwright at