At the bimonthly city council meeting the Assistant to City Manager and Economic Development Officer Jessica Perkins presented a possible new brand and logo for the City of Anna. Perkins said one of the city council’s goals has been to develop and promote a comprehensive brand identity for the city.

The city council hired North Star Destination Strategies to create a new brand for the city around two years ago.

“The city was looking for a brand that would embrace Anna’s today and its future,” Perkins said. “North Star Destination Strategies has partnered with over 200 communities around the country on a variety of projects, including research, strategic planning and community brand development.”

Perkins said NSDS has proven itself in the comprehensive approach, including an experienced research and design team, for some of the cities surrounding Anna.

The scope of work performed by NSDS encompassed research, planning, creative design, implementation and evaluation. Since the beginning of the project more than two years ago, city staff and volunteers have worked through a proven comprehensive approach. The NSDS approach included months of research, writing strategies, creative design and the deliverables.

Once the process is complete and presented to the city council for approval, the new brand will be implemented into the various mediums; including website, social media and others.

Once Perkins finished the presentation, the city council members took some time to discuss the brand. The opinions on the brand was split. Councilor John Beazley said he liked the logo.

“It shows vision and leadership,” Beazley said.

Philip Sanders, the city manager, also said he was for the new brand.

“Marketing is a science,” Sanders said. “I trust North Star Destination Strategies due to their proven success.”

On the other side of the coin, councilor Kenneth Pelham wasn’t convinced about the new brand idea.

“The only thing that I dislike is the way the Anna logo is displayed,” Pelham said. “The boxed swiggly ‘NN’ just doesn’t fit Anna. It took me a couple minutes to realize it said Anna.”

Councilor Nathan Bryan also expressed some concerns.

“I just don’t think it’s quite right for Anna,” Bryan said. “Maybe with some minor adjustments.”

The city council voted to table the vote till the next meeting on July 25 to give the council time to contemplate the new brand.