Nearly 24 hours after the homicide of Corey Lamar, 25, Anna Police Department made an arrest in the case. Ruben Christopher Jenkins of Allen, Texas, was arrested on the charge of murder in McKinney. Ruben was arrested without incident.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office executed an arrest warrant on Jenkins in connection with the shooting death of Lamar. Jenkins is being held in the Collin County Detention Facility with a $150,000 bond.

Chief Kenneth Jenks of the Anna Police Department said he is pleased with everybody’s collaborative efforts.

“This was a great effort on the part of all agencies involved,” Jenks said. “Anna Police worked collaboratively and tirelessly with the Texas Rangers and Collin County Sheriff’s Office to see to it that the correct person was charged and arrested for this senseless act of violence.”

Anna PD said due to the investigators conducting several interviews over the course of the 24 hours following the shooting, those acts helped ultimately lead them to Jenkins.

At about 11:30 p.m. on Friday Anna Police responded to reports of shots fired in the 300 block of Creekside Drive. Police found Lamar with apparent gunshot wounds and performed CPR. Lamar was taken to Medical Center of McKinney and later died from his injuries.

Mike Caylor, a resident who lives across the street from the crime scene, said he and his wife were in the living room when they heard six or seven pops outside.

“I told my wife to call 911, and tell them there were gunshots,” Caylor said. “I am a gun smith, so I knew it was not fireworks — it had to be gunshots.”

Caylor said he stepped outside to look at what might be causing the commotion, and watched a dark colored sedan “squealing off” around the corner. He also said when he looked back toward the crime scene, he noticed brass bullet casings in the street.

After returning back inside to reiterate to 911 that what he heard was indeed gunshots, Anna Police arrived on the scene. Caylor said he think the police knew what house it was due to some sort of raid at the house approximately six months ago, and other previous calls to the address.

“I’m not sure what kind of raid it was, but SWAT came out with bundles of stuff,” Caylor said.

Lieutenant Jeff Caponera of the Anna Police Department said that is not the case, however.

“The previous events and calls to that particular address have nothing to do with the current investigation,” he said.

Caylor said even though Lamar was staying at that address, he was not an actual resident.

“The owner of the house was trying to help the young man (Lamar) by allowing him to stay at her house,” Caylor said.

While the police were questioning the homeowner, Caylor said he overheard her recount to them what took place before the shooting.

“I heard the homeowner tell the police that she told Corey there was a man named Brian pounding on the door,” Caylor said. “Corey then told her not to open the door.”

Caylor said he thinks the victim (Lamar) was shot while looking through the window.

Police questioned witnesses until about 2 a.m., then went house to house to find out if anybody had security cameras that might have picked up something.

Rebecca Narodowg is relocating back into the Creekside neighborhood and said the incident is not going to stop her from moving back into the area.

“It is a sad thing to happen but it is something that happens,” Narodowg said. “It’s not going to keep me from moving back in. I will just make sure to watch my children closer.”

Narodowg, who served on the Anna City Council in the past, said she is proud to know the Anna Police Department answered the call so quickly.

“I remember when there were only one or two police in the area and they were overworked, making arrival time much longer,” Narodowg said.