During the spring the Anna City Council’s considered the possibility of annexing the extraterritorial jurisdiction near the future site of LG Sports Motorsports track. Although the city council ended up hitting the brakes on the annexation, several residents of the area in question went before the council to voice their concerns for the annexation.

Cynda Felini and her family live in the extraterritorial jurisdiction area that was on the agenda for the city council. Felini and her husband were both against the possible annexation. Felini said that Anna would be reaping the benefits of the extra area without having to give anything back in return, while her family and the surrounding neighbors would be paying taxes without receiving anything for it.

“The city council admitted they have no plans to extend water and sewer lines to our area,” Felini said. “It is literally costing the city nothing to annex us, but it will cost us a great deal in higher taxes just for the privilege of being a citizen of the city of Anna.”

Felini also said she wonders if the city had ulterior motives for wanting to annex the land.

“I find it interesting that they want to annex five miles out from the city limits when they are in need of more tax dollars to support their proposed $17 million city hall,” Felini said.

City councilman Nathan Bryan said he does not believe “annexation” is a scary word, if it is used properly.

“I think annexation is a positive thing when done for the right reasons,” Bryan said. “It bothers residents when they feel it is being used to strong arm them.”

Bryan said people buy outside the city limits because they want country living, and they do not agree with a city wanting to bring them into the city limits. Feline agreed, saying she and her husband bought outside the city limits to be able to enjoy the freedom of living in the country.

“We would have bought within the Anna city limits if we had wanted city services and regulations,” Felini said. “We like the option of being able to use our acreage for a horse or chickens or whatever we want.”

Mayor Mike Crist said that he feels annexation will help protect the residents who live in the ETJ.

“The racetrack is not the issue,” Crist said. “However, there are going to be other businesses that move out to that area to follow the track. If the city annexes the area, it’ll set regulations on the type of construction that is allowed, and in turn, protect the land owners.”