Pulling out into the flow of traffic already takes every bit of concentration for a driver. Now, add in construction and hazardous road conditions on top of that. This is what residents of the Victoria Falls subdivision in Anna encounter every day. Residents there claim the entrance into the Falls from FM 455 has become a nuisance and a danger to the residents or anybody trying to maneuver in and out of the neighborhood.

Bill Morgan, a resident of Victoria Falls, said the entrance does not have enough room for two vehicles, especially if one is turning.

“The entrance is just barely wide enough for two cars to pass each other,” Morgan said. “If a school bus or larger truck is trying to turn right into the subdivision the vehicle coming the other way must stop short of the entrance in order for the vehicle turning right to have enough room.”

Todd Engles, a real estate agent and president of the Home Owner Association, said the entrance was not an issue until the construction started on FM 455. Since the construction, there have been several accidents at the entrance to the neighborhood — Engles said there was one just a few weeks ago.

Morgan said at one point, the construction crew had its excavating equipment parked at the edge of the road, hindering the movement and view of oncoming traffic even more. However, the construction company has since moved the equipment back.

Morgan said he is concerned with the commercial development to the east of the neighborhood.

“The commercial development to the East of Victoria Falls has put in three driveways on Victoria Falls,” Morgan said. “Two of the driveways are for customers and one is a service entrance. I am concerned that some of the businesses that move into this commercial development might receive deliveries via semi-truck. If this is the case, things could get very difficult for other drivers on Victoria Falls. I am also concerned that there are two entrances from Victoria Falls for customers and only one from 455.”

Director of Public Works Joseph Johnson said the city is in constant communication with the Texas Department of Transportation, and updates Engles with tentative dates for improvements to the entrance.

“The City of Anna has been in communication over the past several months with TxDOT regarding the narrow curb radii at Victoria Falls and FM 455,” Johnson said. “After meeting with TxDOT on site to review the radii, TxDOT announced their intention to expand the curb radii. The reconstruction of the intersection will occur after FM 455 is fully opened as it will be necessary to close the outside FM 455 westbound lane in order to reconstruct the intersection. As the project progresses, the City will provide updates via the City’s website and social media.”

TxDOT official Michelle Releford said improvements should start soon.

“The situation will improve once we switch traffic and there is more lane room on FM 455,” Releford said. “I’m not sure how soon that will be, but 455 is due to be complete sometime in June so it’s coming up pretty soon.”