At the monthly city council meeting, Anna Chief of Police Kenneth Jenks approached the city council about the current pay rate for the Anna police force. Jenks said it is hard to keep officers when the department’s pay rate is not competitive with other cities.

“There are currently two vacancies in the Anna Police Department, and the starting pay is roughly $6,000 less than the average salary from the surrounding cities,” Jenks said.

City Manager Philip Sanders said it would cost approximately $28,000 to implement the new pay rate. The amount to start it is currently in the city’s savings. Sanders said this is not an issue that should have to wait on a decision.

“We shouldn’t wait to start this plan,” Sanders said. “The world is a dynamic place.”

Sanders also said that to be able to continue the pay rate in the future will be roughly $34,000 per year, and will be added in the fiscal year 2018 budget plan.

Mayor Mike Crist questioned Jenks to see if he went back and reevaluated the numbers after adding the new possible pay rate. Jenks told Crist that he and his staff have worked and reworked all the numbers and are satisfied with the results. The city council unanimously approved the new pay rate.

After the vote for the new police pay rate, Joseph Johnson updated the city on the progress of the new water meters. Johnson, director of the Anna Public Works Department, informed the council that approximately 4,400 of the three-quarter inch meters have been installed. There are only a few 1-inch meters that are left to be installed, and the 3- and 6-inch meters have been ordered. Johnson also said that eventually the water customer will be able to get updates from their personal meter, which will let customers know if there are any possible leaks or issues.

The council also voted to change the names of Axton Avenue and Jenkins Street. After being approached by the Anna Historical Society, and conferring with the Collin County Historical Society, the Anna Planning Department decided to approach the city council about changing the street names to honor Collin McKinney. McKinney was one of the original drafters of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and lived out his last days in Liberty, Texas. The council approved the changes, turning Axton Avenue into Collin Street and Jenkins Street into McKinney Street.