Normally when a city has their annual Public Works Week, it is for the community to show the city employees how much the citizens appreciate their hard work. However, for the past two years, Anna has decided to do things a little differently. On Friday, May 26, the City of Anna Public Works hosted its second annual Public Works Week cookout, where the Public Works Department shows appreciation for the Anna community.

Nick Sanders, waste water supervisor, said the purpose of the event is to bring the city employees and Anna residents closer together as a community.

“It is a way to explain and show just what we do,” Sanders said. “It is also our little way of giving back to the community.”

Paula Bell, assistant to the director, said everyone added to the idea of turning the Public Works Week into a community recognition event.

“Even though the director thought it would be different to reach out to the community, everybody chimed in on the idea,” Bell said.

Bell said with city resident and employee work schedules,Friday afternoon seemed like the best option.

“It’s hard to pick a time that suits everybody’s schedules,” she said. “Between parents’ work schedules and other events for students, it is difficult to get them involved.”

Bell said the event was fun and educational. The city supplied hamburgers and drinks from In-N-Out Burger for all residents and guests. There were a few pieces of industrial equipment that children big and little could climb on and pretend to drive and operate.

The city also supplied a machine that demonstrates a real life water leak. It demonstrated to children what happens when a water leak occurs and how to fix them. Bell said it is a good way to get children interested in what they do and also teach valuable life lessons.

“Not only is it fun for the kids to get involved, it also teaches them what to do in the event of a leak,” Bell said.