The Anna City Council held a special meeting to vote on the annexation of approximately 466 acres of land within the J. Chalmers Survey, Abstract No. 233 and the S. Craft Sr. Survey, No. 0165 on Tuesday, May 16. Ultimately the motion to annex the land failed to pass.

The council called the meeting to order and went directly to the agenda item for the annexation. Mayor Mike Crist informed the citizens that the vote was not for the actual annexation. It was to institute the annexation proceedings, or to set the agenda in motion.

“If the vote passes to institute today, it does not mean the city council is going to adopt the annexation,” Crist said.

During the week before, the city sent out revised development agreements to the citizens affected by the annexation to give the residents time to read them. With that in mind, if the motion passed, the council was going to table the vote to adopt the annexation.

The city council held the first vote, which resulted in a three to three tie. This caused the motion to fail due to not having the majority of the vote. After the vote, the council went into closed session again.

Once city council returned to the proceedings, Crist explained to the citizens once again exactly what was being voted on.

“If the motion passes, the council takes no action today,” Crist said. “The vote is strictly to institute the annexation.”

Crist also informed the citizens on the time limit needed to take action.

“The council will table the vote to adopt the annexation and reconvene within 90 days,” Crist said.

Councilman Kenneth Pelham made the motion to hold another vote, and the council voted a second time. It carried the same as the previous vote — three to three, meaning the motion failed. With that, the annexation became a dead subject, as it did not pass.

Lou Gigliotti, the owner of LG Motorsports and the businessman wanting to open the racetrack near the property in question, said he was overjoyed with the vote.

“God bless America, the city council did the right thing and made the best decision,” Gigliotti said. “We (him and his crew) promise to make the city of Anna proud of us.”