At Tuesday’s regularly scheduled city council meeting the Council approved a resolution for a contact with Conventions, Sports & Leisure International (CSL) to provide a naming rights analysis for the sports complex currently under construction.

The analysis will determine whether the sport complex has a naming rights value.

“Help us understand if there is a naming rights component today or if it’s better left to contemplate in the future,” City Manager Jason Little said. “So, again we’re not chasing our tails knowing if there is a value out there that we seek the right amount, the right partner at the right time.”

CSL will draft an analysis in 30 days and should be ready by mid-June.

The Council also approved a resolution authorizing an encroachment licensing agreement between the City and Hillwood Development Corporation for the developer to build a monument on city property in the Pennsylvania Avenue right-of-way. The monument will be seen from Highway 5 to show the entrance to the Hillwood subdivision.

The developer will have to build, maintain and repair the sign as needed.

Mario Sinacola was awarded the Thockmorton Road Capital Improvement Project. Sinacola was the lowest bid out of six bids received for the project that will link Shirley Lane east and expand the current road to four lanes.

A proclamation declaring May 7-13, 2017 as Public Service Recognition Week was read. With several first responders, library employees and police officers present to receive the proclamation.