On Tuesday, May 9, the Anna City Council held the third and final installment of public discussions over the possible annexation of approximately 466 acres of land within the J. Chalmers Survey, Abstract No. 233 and the S. Craft Sr. Survey, No. 0165. Many residents showed for the discussion. Lou Gigliotti, the owner of LG Motorsports and the businessman wanting to open the racetrack, also showed up for the discussion, along with a few car enthusiasts and supporters.

David Cavazos, a car enthusiast who works at a Dallas law firm, said he is against the annexation.

“The city sees the positive side of having the racetrack, and wants in on the profit,” Cavazos said. “However, it’s going to be a little while before the racetrack will be pulling a profit.”

Cavazos said he understands the value of the racetrack coming to Anna. Once it is operational, it will bring in money and jobs to the city of Anna, but with all the rules and expectations of the annexation, it will hinder the process of opening the new business.

Cavazos said he is sympathetic to the residents that are worried about the racetrack opening down the street from them. He assured the residents that they would not be as bothered by the sound as they believe.

“It is not going to be like NASCAR, where people are tailgating and partying all times of the night,” Cavazos said. “It is going to be a daytime track.”

Cavazos also said the cars are not set up like the race cars in NASCAR. They do not have open headers-without the exhaust manifold, making the cars loud. Cavazos said the cars they run are no louder than the normal cars heard on the street.

Bill Morgan, a software engineer and resident of Anna, said he agrees with the annexation, and the worries are unfounded.

“The arguments against the annexation stating that the city will not provide services are false,” Morgan said.” The city already provides backup policing and fire-fighting services to the area being annexed. Once annexed, this area would have Anna provide primary policing services and it is possible that the fact that Anna has a full-time fire department might result in a reduction in the cost of the residents’ property insurance.”

Morgan said he understands why the residents of the area proposed for annexation will not receive Anna utilities.

“The city cannot provide water and sewer to the residents because there is already a provider in the area providing those services,” Morgan said.

Morgan may be in favor of the annexation, but is against the racetrack.

“I think the race track is a bad idea, and the people living near the race track will be heavily impacted by it,” Morgan said. “I have heard several people speak at the city council meetings about the volume of noise that can be expected from the race track.”

Morgan said he is also concerned with the idea of many high-performance cars running the streets of Anna might be a safety issue.

The Anna City Council held a special meeting to put the annexation issue up for a vote on Tuesday, May 16. After two attempts to vote on the annexation, the motion failed, and with it the annexation.