The Anna City Council held a special town hall meeting on last month to discuss the possible construction of a new City Hall. The reason for the meeting was to inform residents of the plans and open the floor so the residents can ask questions.

The plan of finance is for Anna to issue Certificates of Obligation to fund $17 million for the new municipal buildings. The city plans to reallocate “pennies” from the Maintenance and Operations tax rate component to the Interest and Sinking tax rate component to pay the increase in debt service. Anna also plans to offset the reallocated “pennies” by budgeting incremental sales tax revenues from the new Wal-Mart and any adjacent developments, without any increase to the current total ad valorem tax rate.

After the city council concluded the presentation, they opened the floor to allow the residents to ask questions. One resident was concerned about the price tag on the new municipal buildings. Mayor Mike Crist assured the citizens that the new City Hall will be constructed in stages. One central building will be constructed and as Anna grows and the need for more city staff increases, there will be an option for two additional buildings to be added.

Another resident asked about parking issues. City councilors said reassured that there would sufficient parking.

City staff has listed August 2017 as the date for the city staff to present the final New Municipal Buildings Plan of Finance to the City Council.