Clark Miller moved to Anna five years ago. He works as a commercial construction manager and owns Next Generation Mixed Martial Arts and Jujitsu, located in Anna.

He’s the vice president and football commissioner for an Anna sports group and has five children. His wife home schools all five children.

Miller is running for Place 5 on the Anna Independent School District board of trustees.

Q:Why did you decide to run?

A: I was just trying to get involved in the community as much as possible and give back to the community, be a part as much as I can, and to also offer some expertise and experience to the school district at a time that is needed most.

Q: What are your qualifications to be on the school board?

A: I’ve got a lot of experience with construction programming and the costs and management of major district growth. I’ve been a part of programming and designing and constructing facilities for schools, such as athletic facilities and maintenance facilities in districts for a long time. I’ve got a lot of experience with that. Plus … I work a lot with the kids here with the youth football and my kids at my jujitsu studio and all that. I just want to make sure they’ve always got the best.

Q: What are important things that need to change or grow in the district, if any?

A: What we need to be able to do is carefully project what’s going to be needed. We need to stay out in front of the growth. We need to project the growth and plan accordingly, and not react to the growth…. And we need to make sure we do that without getting swallowed up in the process. Which, it can happen. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. It can overwhelm the administration. It can overwhelm the board. It can overwhelm everyone involved if the right people aren’t in place. So, I think that’s going to be important making sure that we grow as a district but making sure we grow sustainably and not overgrow. And not grow to a point where we’re not prepared for the growth that comes.

Q: Have you been to any of the board meetings recently?

A: Not in the last couple months. I’ve been to some in the past. Several in the past year, but none you know not the last couple.

Q: What would you say to voters who may be concerned that you have five kids and none of them go to school in the district?

A: I don’t know why anyone would be concerned. … One of the things is when the Tim Tebow bill passes into law, it will be important to have someone who understands the homeschool community and what it’s going to take to transition those kids into the public school activities. And also we are considering putting in one of our kids now, maybe more later, just depends. We don’t know for sure so it’s not like we won’t ever put our kids into the public school. And then also just the fact that the district needs someone with my expertise and my knowledge, and if having kids in home school disqualifies me for the position, then don’t vote for me.

(Editor’s note: After the interview, Miller contacted the Anna-Melissa Tribune and submitted a prepared statement expounding on his answer.)

We are actually considering enrolling our oldest in a year. We started home schooling our kids before we moved here and liked the freedom it offered and just never thought differently. I have worked hand in hand with the admins, coaches and teachers since moving here and running some of the youth sports programs. There are current board members with no kids currently in the district and some who send their kids to other districts. If home schooling exempted us from the same school taxes that everyone else pays I would feel differently, but I have the same vested interest in making sure my tax dollars are spent in the best interest of the district and the students and teachers in the district. When the Tim Tebow bill passes into law, it will be a value to have someone like me on the board who understands the home school community and what measures need to be taken to ensure a smooth transition. I’ve also been on the front lines of programming and building a district, just like Anna, from where we are now to what we need to be 10-15 years from now. Bond money (tax dollars) can easily be wasted if you don’t know where to look, and I know where to look and we’re talking millions of dollars. Those are my interests in running for the school board.